THE CURSED PIANO – Short Horror Story

THE CURSED PIANO – Short Fantasy/Horror Stories

Mystery, witchcraft, homicide, and the occult, to tickle and exorcise your innermost primal fears. Happy Reading!

 THE CURSED PIANO - Horror story

        He spied on her while she played the piano, as she did night and day, sliding her fingers up and down the black and white keys without even giving the notes a second thought! The notes never changed after all, they always seemed to be dancing away to the melancholic melody they construed; a disturbing question popped into his head: why the devil had he married her?

      She had always been this way, gloomy and neurotic to the point of being paranoid, so what trait of hers had captivated him enough to declare eternal love? Her emerald green eyes? Her ethereal beauty?

         What an idiot he has been! If only he had scrutinised her past , the 10 marriages under her belt would have been a sign: she was a witch, and she bewitched him using her spells for who knows what reason. To poison him perhaps? Or to turn him into a werewolf?

         By now he was convinced: she had something in mind and the solemn notes playing were an ominous warning. He plucked up some courage, and approached her from behind, knife in hand, posed to slit her throat.

        A hellish noise of crazy castanets burst into the air: the black and white keys detached themselves from the piano and formed a floating keyboard in the air. Just like a demonised serpent, the manic chain coiled around his neck and started to squeeze him mercilessly until he shuddered and lay motionless.

         And just like that, they rejoined the instrument and continued to play at increased velocity, as if oblivious to the eleven souls dancing to the music without purpose or end.

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